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Reiki, pronounced "Ray-key," is a form of energy medicine, in which the practitioner sends healing vibrations to the client through their hands.  Reiki is recognized as a form of Complementary Medicine by NIH's National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.  In a session, the hands of the practitioner are lightly placed on (or directly above) various portions of the client's body and left there for a number of minutes at a time.  Healing energy is passed from the practitioner to the client, balancing the energies of the body.  


In our culture, we are not always taught how to take care of ourselves energetically. Hence it is very easy to become stressed, especially with the hectic schedules of our modern daily lives.  Many people yearn for time to slow down, to recenter, ground, fully relax and let go.  Reiki is a means of allowing ourselves to do so.  


In addition, Reiki can bring peace to the body, mind and spirit, balance the chakras and can clear energy that we've been hanging on to, that no longer serves us.  It is now used within many hospitals and hospices, with chemotherapy patients, wounded warriors, and autoimmune individuals as a unique complement to the healing journey.


I have experience working with individuals with anxiety, depression, various autoimmune disorders, arthritis, digestive disorders, those undergoing chemotherapy,  pets, children, and with prenatal populations.



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