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Abdominal Massages


There is so much activity in our gut.  I mean, a lot.  Scientists now know that the health of our abdomens serves as a "second brain" of sorts, giving credence to the idea of a "gut instinct".  With the Standard American Diet (SAD) and environmental toxins that we are regularly exposed to, our abdomens can be yearning for some long overdue love and attention.  Enter the abdominal massage.


I offer two kinds of experiences to help address imbalances that may reside in our mid-sections:


Castor Oil Packs

Yep, that's right.  Castor oil.  That gooey, thick oil that many generations have grudgingly gulped down as a daily "cure all" for any ailment that may be living inside of us.  


In sessions with castor oil packs, no internal action is taken (breath a huge sigh of relief!)  Instead, castor oil is gently massaged into the abdomen in circular motions.  Then flannel is placed on the abdomen, along with a warm compress, to allow the castor oil to penetrate the surface of the skin.  


Castor oil packs have gained attention for their ability to assist with digestive health, disolve adhesions and minimize cysts, among other feats.


Deeper Abdominal Work


A deeper abdominal massage is a wonderful complement to the castor oil packs.  The deeper work breaks up adhesions around the pelvis to allow a release of tension throughout the hips.  This also helps with increased blood flow and circulation throughout the entire pelvic region.


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