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Fertility Massage


Nurturing the Mother Fertility Massage is a gentle, holistic means of creating an optimum environment for conception to occur.  This protocol was developed by Claire Marie MIller.  Through various massage techniques, the therapist assists in balancing the client's energies within the body, cleansing the digestive tract (intimately linked with reproductive health), performing hormone-balancing reflexology, as well as offering aromatherapy and guided visualizations to open the body, mind and soul to a concious conception.  Awareness of the woman's monthly cycle, including when ovulation occurs, is also taught.


A session typically consists of:


  • Castor oil packs

  • Craniosacral Therapy holds

  • Reflexology

  • Deep abdominal work to break up adhesions around the pelvis

  • Aromatherapy

  • Teachings on fertility wisdom, including education on the women's monthly cycle and optimal timing of conception


The timing of the Fertility Massage during a woman's cycle is very important.  Typically it is offered only between menstruation and ovulation.  In case a pregnancy has been achieved, we pause with sessions after ovulation and before menstruation begins again, for safe keeping.  During this "waiting period," Reiki or Craniosacral Therapy may be gentle and safe alternatives to receive in lieu of the proper Fertility Massage.  Please contact Namaste Spirit for more info on when to schedule various supportive appointments.


Fertility Massage is perfect:


  • For couples who would like to prepare their whole be-ings for conception prior to trying

  • For those who are actively trying to conceive

  • For both men and women

  • As an adjunct to ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) such as IUI and IVF

*Some sessions may have to be adjusted slightly depending on which ART methods are being used and when


Because creating new life is a joint process between two individuals, I also offer "teaching sessions" for couples.  In such a way, you can learn the tools to support eachother on a daily basis at home, with reflexology, castor oil packs and aromatherapy.



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