Welcome visitors!  I am in the process of shifting most of my practice to Woodbridge, Virginia! While I will still visit Vienna occasionally, my availability there will be less.  Please reach out for further information!  

And welcome.

Namaste  (pronounced "Nah-mah-stay") is a Hindi greeting of respect.  It represents bowing to the spirit or beauty in one another.  As both practitioner and client hold this mindset of honoring the light in each other, an ideal space for healing is created.  I opened Namaste Spirit in 2015 in Northern Virginia to offer holistic bodywork encouraging balance of mind, body and spirit to the local community. Specifically, I love offering services to those who wish to take an empowering approach to their own health and wellness. 


I specialize in therapeutic, specialized massage techniques and energy medicine designed to help one move forward on one's own journey into wellness.  Many of the techniques I perform can also be taught to my clients or to my client's loved ones, allowing the possibility to take back the reigns on one's own health and well-being.

Thank you for visiting my site.  I bow to you in gratitute.  May you find the inspiration you seek.  


Tel: 703-489-1679

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Symbology of a Logo

The name "Namaste Spirit" and associated logo are inspired by the love of a Tibetan tradition:  touching foreheads.  


One way in which Tibetans greet one another, is by bowing to eachother with foreheads touched.  It is a way of greeting the higher self in eachother or bowing to the spirit within.  Interestingly, the Maori people of New Zealand share this identical greeting!  


Many other cultures throughout the world have similar traditions, whether it be through actions or words.  Austrians greet with the friendly "Grüss Gott" (Greetings to the God within you).  Likewise, Hindu people and many in the yoga community both greet and bid eachother farewell with "Namaste".  In whichever locale the greeting occurs, the essence is the same.  Mutual respect and acknowledgement of the goodness -the spirit- within.  


And so, I greet you with the spirit of namaste.